Create an engaging, immersive, commemorative website

Gray Plant Mooty is the oldest law firm in Minneapolis, and 2016 would mark their big 150th anniversary. To commemorate this, GPM wanted to showcase their history, growth as a company, and how they’ve helped give back to their community. They approached us seeking a way to display all of this in a web format that allowed users to dig deeper into this robust information in their own ways. The experience needed to be seamless on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and of course, mobile phones.


Showcase the company’s vast history

We all agreed that a commemorative website would be the ideal solution, and we focused on creating an interactive timeline for this purpose. We worked closely with Gray Plant Mooty and sought the best way to represent their extensive history accurately and with style. Within their timeline, several different media components needed to be represented – like historical newspaper articles, photo galleries, employee bios, quotes from prominent members and more.


Timeline Dates






Gallery Images


Custom, clean and modern web experience

  • Created a clean and modern design for the website and focused on user interaction revolving around the timeline.
  • Designed and organized the timeline’s historical events in a way that allowed users to travel horizontally through each decade and vertically through series of events within that time period.
  • Programmed the interaction so that users could use their keyboard to move in these directions – or on a mobile device they could swipe intuitively with their finger.
    Developed additional web pages to provide information on what GPM is currently doing.