Ellsworth Handcrafted Bikes

ServicesDesign, DevelopmentYear2015Linkwww.ellsworthbikes.com

Background & Objective:
  • Located in San Diego, California, Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles has been making quality bicycles with pride and passion since 1991.
  • After completing a large push of new technology, models, and designs for their bicycles, naturally they needed a new website. Their old website just did not provide the necessary representation of their current brand or products.
  • The overall objective for the website redesign was to make sure customers could readily view the technology and build kits that were available, and empower these customers with the information they needed to be able to choose the bicycle that best suited their needs.
Custom Solution:
  • After diving in and researching their company in depth, we decided they really needed to dedicate at least one page on their website completely to their technology.
  • With over 10 unique aspects that set them apart from others in the industry, the company’s bicycles had to be displayed in an engaging and informative way, so customers could educate themselves well and truly understand why Ellsworth is the company to buy a quality bicycle from.
  • The web experience had to be seamless on all devices (mobile and desktop) so no matter where the customer was browsing from, they could always find the information they needed.
Final Results:
  • As we completed the website launch, a beautiful new digital marketing tool was born.
  • One of the website’s new features included a video detailing the history of Ellsworth, offering visitors a complete background – easily accessible from the home page.
  • Now each of their bicycle models are prominently displayed on the website, along with details about each bicycle’s technology – charted in easy-to-read tables. Visitors can even find a dealer near them after they choose a bike.