Background & Objective:
  • Ciderboys Hard Cider is a relatively new product from Stevens Point Brewery. With the success they’ve seen in their product over the last couple of years, they realized they were quickly outgrowing their initial website.
  • Our job was to expand the website to be able to handle with ease their new seasonal and year-round product additions that were debuting frequently.
  • It was especially important for their ciders to be easily located in retail stores by customers online – no matter where the customers were located.
Custom Solution:
  • Our top priority for this website was to accommodate the company’s future growth. We restructured the sitemap and menu so that new ciders could be added as quickly as they were made available.
  • Our second priority for this website was to make it look as great as their cider tastes. The initial visual design process for this revamp was driven by detailed images and bright clean colors.
Final Results:
  • We are proud of the masterpiece we created for Ciderboys – this custom WordPress website looks tasty enough to drink!
  • Not only did this new responsive website fulfill the need for future growth, with a new “Cider Locator”, online visitors can enter their zip code and find out what local retailers carry their products, too.