Point Burger Bar

ServicesDesign, DevelopmentYear2015Linkwww.pointburgerbar.com

Background & Objective:
  • Brand new and located in Milwaukee, Wis., Point Burger Bar is a restaurant and bar – unique in the fact that it is brought to you by Stevens Point Brewery and a few additional people who are passionate about food.
  • The Bar needed a website that would showcase their delicious burgers, the many fantastic ways in which you can build them, and what to wash it all down with in the meantime.
  • The key to this project was in keeping the menu organized, easy to read, and in line with the material version already in the restaurant.
Custom Solution:
  • Utilizing our modern and clean design M.O., we kept things bold and bright for the Bar’s new website. We went for robust images and easy-to-read font style and size – making sure the content showed up perfectly on any size device.
  • We implemented a ‘Burger of the Month Award’ for customers to submit their recipes and enter, which brought a sense of engagement to the website, instead of leaving the content as read-only.
  • We also designed a new menu for them to include elements of the website within the physical location.
Final Results:
  • Point Burger Bar now offers its customers a modern-looking, responsively-designed website that showcases its delicious strengths, no matter what device you are viewing it from.
  • We’ve received great feedback on the menu we designed for them. Customers find that they are easily able to order and view the variety of offerings from the restaurant, so they can focus on enjoying the food and drink instead of struggling to understand the menu.