Artesa Vineyards & Winery


Background & Objective:
  • Since 1991, Artesa Vineyards & Winery has been producing delicious harvests on nearly 200 acres of vineyard in Napa Valley, California. Their online presence hadn’t been updated for almost 10 years, so when they contacted us, it was definitely time to do that.
  • The winery’s website listed out-of-date information, it was difficult for their internal department to maintain, and the online ordering area was in dire need of improvement.
  • The overall objective was to update Artesa’s website with current information, make it easier for them to run on the back-end, and make the ecommerce shopping experience seamless for their online customers.
Custom Solution:
  • The website redesign process became clear to us once we got a good foundation for the history and background of the winery from the owners and winemakers.
  • We all decided that the history of the winery – as well as the wine itself, of course – would be the most significant driver of the website.
  • We also focused on redesigning the ecommerce portion of their site to keep a consistent look and feel across the entire website.
Final Results:
  • Voilà! A brand new, responsive and functional website was born.
  • We created a wine filter so visitors can easily view different categories, varietals and vintages. Once they find the wine they’re looking for, website visitors can easily find out whether it is in stock, and they can even download additional information about the wine.
  • We successfully implemented newly designed ecommerce pages and added new functionality to help Artesa keep their collections updated with what’s in stock.