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Background & Objective:
  • A company that is just plain fun to work with, Sockracy had an out-of-date website, and they came to us looking to redesign their home page.
  • They had a great product, excellent branding, and they were looking to step up their online presence – they wanted to showcase how their product worked and bring a sense of continuity to the company on the web.
  • Plus, they sent us free socks. ☺
Custom Solution:
  • We donned our comfy pairs of Sockracy socks as we brainstormed ideas to make their website come to life.
  • Their home page needed to be broken down into step-by-step directions for users to explain the subscription service clearly and make the process intuitive. Customers need to know what they were signing up for.
  • Building on the improved user experience, we used WooCommerce in our custom WordPress theme to complete the experience and make it easy for people to subscribe.
Final Results:
  • We’re proud to say Sockracy is now the quickest way to get socks online…and a lot of them at that!
  • We improved the overall user experience and made the instructions for getting your socks fast (and at a good price) easier to understand and more intuitive.
  • We’ve received great feedback on the new process.