Greenlake Kids Dentistry


Background & Objective:
  • Greenlake Kids Dentistry has been providing care for children of all ages in the Seattle area for almost a decade. When they came to us, it was indeed time for a website facelift for Dr. Hull and his staff.
  • They wanted to make sure their “first visit” information was easy to find and prominently accessible on their website.
  • Another major concern was giving their website a bright, clean vibe so that it would match their office and overall brand. Check out the office tour on their website to see what we mean!
Custom Solution:
  • Imagery and colors were the building blocks of Greenlake’s new website. We persuaded Dr. Hull to have a photo-shoot for the site – so that we could create the right kind of images and content for a great web experience.
  • We improved their website’s information architecture and provided them with a better sitemap and menu layout – this way parents of children could find information they needed more quickly.
Final Results:
  • The final results were truly a success. We matched photos from the shoot with the beautiful color scheme featured in their office to create a clean, bright, and responsive web solution.
  • Parents have offered great feedback about the new menu structure – it has proven to be intuitive and efficient for those wondering how they can prepare for a first visit, and it makes it easier to find Greenlake’s location, too.