WebMovement Wins Big At the 1st Annual Geekie Awards 

WebMovement, LLC takes home the award for Best Retail Store or Website for their design for Nerd Machine

Los Angeles, CA, October 30, 2013: The 1st annual Geekie Awards was held on August 18th, 2013 at the Avalon Hollywood with a veritable who’s who of geek culture in attendance. Among the winners was Zachary Levi’s (Chuck, Thor: The Dark World) site The Nerd Machine, in the Best Retail Store or Website category. The Nerd Machine was designed by the talented team of Adam Woloszyn and Gary Flavin of WebMovement, LLC, who were presented with the award on stage by celebrated teen authors The Winner Twins.

“Overall, my experience is one that is unforgettable even though it went by far too quickly! I’m glad we were a part of this and it really has myself and our company focusing on what we can do for next year! I hope to see you all there next year!” said CEO and Lead Developer Adam Woloszyn of his experiences at the ceremony.

About WebMovement, LLC 

WebMovement, LLC is a Wisconsin-based full-service website design and implementation company that specializes in superb user experience and visual design for all aspects of a business’ brand identity. The Geekie Awards win marks another milestone in a proud tradition of award-winning work by WebMovement, LLC.

About The Geekie Awards 

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