The First Annual Geekie Awards was one of the most exciting experiences I’ve had in a long time! Everything about it was really fun and especially for a first time event.  It really helps that our company was nominated and awarded the Geekie Award for Best Retail and Online Website for our work on The Nerd Machine!! I’ve never won an award for my work so the feeling is  humbling knowing that others would appreciate the work that you create. We really want to thank Nedopak Productions and everyone that was involved to bring us this awesome trophy! I can’t help but show off my moment of fame that I had with The Winner Twins.


It was really awesome to meet so many people that were passionate about their work in the technology or “geek” culture. It brought me back to when I think I was even a bit “geekier” and would run around the house beeping like R2…which was even better since I got to meet him! He was just chilling in the corner all alone so I figured I’d pay him a visit!

The Geekie Awards crew really had it all planned out as when we got to our tables, we could watch 3D printers creating some additional smaller trophies that would commemorate the first geekie awards event. It was awesome to see them work and print right there in front of you. I’m still incredibly impressed by this technology!

Overall, my experience is one that is unforgettable even though it went by far too quickly! I’m glad we were a part of this and it really has myself and our company focusing on what we can do for next year! I hope to see you all there next year! ~Adam


2013-08-18 07.06.19I cannot say enough good things about my personal experience with The Geekie Awards. What a treat to be apart of an event that hopefully grows exponentially over the years to come. To win an award for best retail site was the giant cherry on top of an evening I will never forget.

Prior to the event, I really didn’t know what to expect and to be completely honest I have not even watched many award shows in my lifetime. From our first moments in the door you could completely tell that Nedopak Productions had gone over-the-top in putting on a fantastic production. Some of the un-expectant surprises were things that made the night so memorable. One great example was the amazing video intro’s for the show itself as well as the categories. They were incredibly well thought out, funny, as well as being produced extremely well. From the moment the show started and the video rolled it was clear that the show was in a different league than I anticipated. Well done.

Another great touch was the 3d printers that I was enthralled with at each table. There were a variety of items that the printers were making at each table and to be up close and personal with something I have only read about was captivating. I recall watching the space ship being printed and couldn’t figure out the cutouts near the top of the spaceship until I glanced back 20 minutes later only to reveal the space ship had “The Geekie Awards” being printed on the side of the ship. So cool!

To top the night off, we got to meet a great deal of people with incredible talent, be apart of an inaugural event of an awards show that will only get bigger and better, and win my first award for a job that I am blessed to have. Cheers. ~Gary